Every 10 minutes, 6 tonnes of clothing goes into Australian Landfills*.

The challenge to counter this growing waste seems insurmountable. And in a small way our little store is part of a big global problem.

Trying to make a difference when and where we can is something we all can do. This project is our something.

"Why Credit for Colours?" - Michelle explains

We have faith in the brands we sell and are happy to see them again. To help encourage reduction, reuse, repair and re-wear, we are going to buy back the clothes we’ve sold you.

We hope this incentive will give you a little bonus for your loyalty and responsible reuse of clothing

We're calling it Credit for Colours! 

So how does it work? 

1. Bring back any outgrown or excess clothing from brands we stock at The Colours are Brighter and one of our lovely staff will asses the items for re-sale.
2. We will give you store credit towards your next purchase. (How Much? Generally about 15% of the item’s original retail value.)
3. Your previously loved clothes will be re-sold in-store at an accessible price so they can be loved and re-worn again. 

NEED TO KNOW MORE - Credit for Colours FAQs